What Steps do I Take to Get a Divorce

What Steps do I Take to Get a Divorce

The first step on how to prepare for a divorce in California is to find a good divorce lawyer. And the best way to find a good lawyer with adequate experience in divorce law is to ask for recommendations from acquaintances or friends who, in the past, have hired the services of divorce attorneys. You can even look at legal directories for referrals. Whether you are looking for a California divorce lawyer or one in a different city, these directories will provide you with an exhaustive list.

Lawyer fees

To narrow down your search, call lawyers and ask them for the hourly rate. Hourly rates for a California divorce lawyer can range anywhere from $100 to $300. If you have child custody issues or valuable assets to divide, you may have to spend even more as such issues require the specialized knowledge and experience of a reputed divorce lawyer. On the other hand, there are many lawyers that offer low cost, fixed-rate divorce fees for cases without such issues.

Consult with at least two lawyers before you take the final decision. Although you may have to pay the consultation fees, it is advisable to go for the interview meeting to know if you feel comfortable discussing personal details with the lawyer and can trust him/her to provide you the necessary legal guidance through the divorce proceeding. says “One of the most stressful situations is a divorce. Dividing assets and child custody among other variables can be a mess. You need people to help you through the process.” says Tiffany James divorce lawyer at Be ready to pay engagement or retainer fee when you decide on a lawyer. Retainer fee is the money paid in advance for handling your case or it may be a one-time fee to guarantee that the lawyer will represent you. The entire process costs a lot of money, so plan your finances in advance.

Carry the following documents with you when you meet your California divorce lawyer

* Collect all your documents pertaining to your bank accounts, retirement accounts, personal and real estate property including rental properties, homes, cars, jewelry, trusts, artwork and collectibles, furniture and photo albums. Include everything that is desirable to both the parties. Have a candid discussion with the lawyer and do not hesitate to confide in him/her the details that are crucial to your case.

* Prepare a list of all the items that were bought prior to the marriage. These items are generally bought by individual parties and are not expected to be split.

* Prepare a list of the things you would like to have when the divorce is complete.

* Prepare the monthly family budget and the cash required for the family to sustain itself.

* Child custody is an important issue that you need to discuss with your lawyer. Consider what is best for your children when you go about planning custodial rights.

Emotional support

It is advisable that you don’t rely on your attorney for emotional support, though you should divulge important personal information pertaining to your case. Remember that you’ll be charged by the minute, so make optimum use of the time spent with your divorce lawyer. Consult a therapist of a psychiatrist for emotional needs.

There are many divorce lawyers whose services you can engage when you decide that a divorce is the only way out. Make sure that the California divorce lawyer you hire is reputed and has a good track record.

Samuel Grant